September 1, 2023

2 1: Introduction to types of intervention and their development Medicine LibreTexts

Although price increases are a good way to discourage smoking, price increases have distributional implications that trouble some people. Because people with lower incomes smoke at […]
July 20, 2023

Essential Tremor Disorder

The best way to avoid the issue is to limit alcoholic consumption to 2 or fewer drinks per day for males and 1 or fewer for […]
May 24, 2023

What to Eat During Alcohol Recovery

You’ll probably need lots of small, healthy meals throughout the day. Switch up your meals by eating a range of foods from the groups you need. […]
December 30, 2022

Rebuilding Lives: Reclaiming Purpose and Happiness in Recovery

Relationships are complicated, and addiction treatment can be an invaluable resource to understand enabling and codependent relationships and how dangerous they can be to your recovery. […]
October 26, 2022

11 Benefits Of Being Sober

While unfortunate, relapse is a possibility for anyone attempting a sober life. The three pillars of sobriety include education, support, and treatment. Finding ways to take […]